People are my biggest inspiration. I'm completely passionate about them, truly obsessed. We've all got something really special about us, something unique and I love bringing that to the surface through my photography. I want to create intimate, real, vibrant passionate and fun images.

I've always been infatuated by travel, so when I was 23 years old I packed my bags and off I went to South America. The people, the sound, the culture, the colours, the difference, they were just so mind-blowing. Its where I began my fascination with photographing people.

I often work in extremely unusual and challenging environments, where you have to make decisions really quickly. I like to bring those skills back into my commercial work. It means I can be cool, calm and collected under any circumstance.

Casting is so important. Finding that unique person whose face and personality makes you feel something, it's just so exciting. Creating a high energy atmosphere mixed with an empathy for the cast keeps everyone happy on set.

The team that surrounds me are fantastic. We've developed this way of working together that makes 'shoots' fun and easy and makes everybody feel really comfortable.

Photography is such a powerful tool, because it gives people a voice. To be able to reveal that person's soul and tell their story and capture that moment in time is so empowering and magical to me.